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Menlo Security

Make the Internet a worry-free, work-freely place.

Traditional security approaches are flawed, costly, and overwhelming for security teams. Menlo Security is different. It’s the simplest, most definitive way to secure work—making online threats irrelevant to your users and your business.

With a Zero Trust isolation layer that shields workers from malicious content and malware, your entire workforce is protected from everything that’s coming at them online.

Our platform security operates invisibly in the background while everyone safely browses; shares files; and uses email, SaaS, or private applications. No limitations, no interruptions.

We hide complexity and optimize costs. Security teams no longer have to worry about managing racks of appliances, zero-day patches, or alert storms. Instead they can move fast and focus on the business. A win-win.

Everything you can do, you can do safer.

No matter how, when, or where your teams work, your business can move to the cloud without budging on security.

Cloud-first. Security also first.

Powered by isolation and built on the principles of Zero Trust, our cloud security solutions are hell bent on freeing your business infrastructure from any and all threats. Companies use our solutions to:

  • Modernize their security and converge services
  • Secure remote workers and protect productivity apps
  • Wholly outsmart bad actors and malware

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