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Today’s Cybersecurity Challenge

In the era of digital transformation, the world’s most successful companies lead their industries by monetizing their data and intellectual property. And protecting this data and IP from cyber theft or corruption is critical; losses can devastate profits and hard-earned brand reputations. CISOs and other executives tasked with security understand the stakes but their jobs are harder than ever before in today’s new IT operating model that embraces public clouds, BYOD, and mobility. Data is now everywhere and can be accessed from anywhere. Attack surfaces continue to exponentially increase, making it even harder to block threats. Traditional cybersecurity approaches that depend on standalone products were never designed for this new world. But Forcepoint’s human-centric approach is different. Our transformative, behavior-centric security dynamically adapts in response to the risk level that users’ behaviors pose, providing security professionals a new path forward to proactively secure their data and users in today’s everywhere, anywhere world.

The Human Point

By moving away from a threat-centric approach to cybersecurity, you can narrow your focus to the two true constants in security—people and data. Protecting the human point means securing the intersection of people, critical data, and IP, which starts with understanding the rhythm of your people and the flow of your data. It makes it possible to know what normal, productive employee activity looks like and all the unique ways your people interact with data.

Who is Forcepoint?

Forcepoint was purpose-built to provide next generation cybersecurity solutions.  One of the largest private cybersecurity companies in the world, with thousands of enterprise and government customers in more than 150 countries  Leading supplier to global intelligence community and high assurance cyber missions  One of the most comprehensive security product portfolios in the industry.

Forcepoint Human-centric Portfolio

Forcepoint is converging its capabilities to simplify deployment and management of your security stack and eliminate security gaps. Each capability is best-in-class; you can start anywhere and expand as your needs grow. Our unified policy and common analytics and orchestration streamline management. 

Forcepoint’s solutions include:

Forcepoint Behavioral Analytics

User and entity behavior analytics for a zeroperimeter world. The leader in actionable insights based on risk-adaptive scoring.

Forcepoint DLP

Discovery and protection to meet regulatory and industry compliance.

Forcepoint Insider Threat

User visibility and incident context for sensitive data. The most comprehensive understanding of user intent, trusted on over 1 million endpoints.

Forcepoint CASB

Visibility and control over your complete cloud environment. The broadest cloud application support with unique customized risk assessment based on user behavior and data access classification.

Forcepoint SD-WAN & Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Highly secure, efficient and available network security. Cuts network expenses by 50 percent, reduces cyberattacks by up to 86 percent and slashes incident response time by as much as 73 percent.

Forcepoint Data Guard

Secure collaboration and information sharing for government agencies. Eliminates costly and time-consuming manual data transfers of highlyregulated, sensitive data.

Forcepoint Web and Email Security

Unified protection from advanced threats at any location, on any device. Threat detection is 100 percent with zero false positives.

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