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Ping Identity and OPSWAT Revolutionize Access Security with DaVinci and MetaAccess

About Ping Identity: Ping Identity is a leading provider of identity and access management solutions, including SSO, MFA, IAM, and API security, helping organizations improve security and streamline user access to their systems and applications.

What's the story? Ping Identity has partnered with OPSWAT to enhance the security of user identities and authentication by extending the scope to include compliant devices. Validating a user's claimed identity before granting access to organizational resources is paramount. However, even with a confirmed identity, there is a risk of introducing malicious code into an organization's systems if the user's device is compromised unbeknownst to them.

Integrating MetaAccess with PingOne DaVinci streamlines authentication and access management by verifying device security and compliance before granting resource access. Learn how tight-knit integration between identities and compliant devices aligns with Zero Trust best practices and supports broader business objectives like bring your own device (BYOD) adoption.

Ensuring secure access to sensitive assets is paramount for any organization, but coordinating authentication and device compliance across various applications and endpoints can be a costly and intricate task. Organizations are recognizing the significance of safeguarding not only user identities but also ensuring the integrity of the devices connecting to their systems.

In response to this challenge, Ping Identity and OPSWAT have partnered to offer a powerful zero-trust solution that ensures only authorized users, utilizing compliant devices, are granted access to organizational resources.

The innovative integration of Ping Identity's DaVinci and OPSWAT's MetaAccess not only streamlines identification and device compliance but also unlocks the full potential of zero-trust security.

The partnership with OPSWAT really uses the MetaAccess capability to deliver a connector into the PingOne DaVinci orchestration tool to enable deep compliance checks and security capabilities to be integrated into the flows for your users.

Peter Barker

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