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Forcepoint launches SUREVIEW® INSIDER THREAT worldwide

Technology protects the enterprise against threats from within; supports an inside-out approach to security

Austin, Texas – July 11, 2016 – Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint™ announced worldwide availability ofSureView® Insider Threat, a powerful, proven security tool that accelerates companies’ efforts to prevent data theft and loss from hijacked systems, rogue insiders, stolen credentials and negligent end users. SureView Insider Threat lets security professionals see early warning signs of abnormal behaviors, capture a video record of desktop activity and intervene before sensitive data gets breached or stolen.

SureView is now available globally, allowing companies around the world to spot risky behavior and activity across their enterprises, delivering better security and increased regulatory compliance while respecting privacy. For nearly a decade, technology in SureView Insider Threat has served U.S.-based enterprises and government agencies in detecting and responding to insider threats. It was a core technology transferred from Raytheon to Forcepoint when the company launched.

“Insiders do more damage and go undetected longer than external threats. Until now, global enterprises haven’t had an effective tool to protect against threats from within. Forcepoint is redefining what it means to secure an organization, by thinking more in terms of ‘inside-out’ rather than ‘outside-in,’" said Matt Moynahan, Forcepoint Chief Executive Officer. “SureView Insider Threat is the tool global enterprises have been waiting for.”

Negligence by ordinary employees is the number one cause of insider threats, and whether malicious, accidental or hijacked, threats inside the network are far more harmful than outside attackers. On average, external cyber criminals can operate undetected for 170 days, but insiders escape detection for 259 days. Because insiders have more time to operate and better insight to where valuable data is stored, they cause far more damage per incident: the 10 percent of total incidents attributed to insiders are responsible for more than half of stolen data. On average, a data breach costs an enterprise $3.8 million, yet despite the greater risk posed by insiders, the majority of security spending remains focused on external threats.

“When Forcepoint launched, one of the key goals was to find ways to deliver Raytheon technology to commercial enterprises,” said Moynahan. “By developing an internationally available version of SureView, we’re bringing that vision to life.”

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